Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm back!

I got back late Saturday - just after sunset. The sky was still colored with oranges and purples. I wish the photographs could do justice to this beauty. Coming over the last hill and suddenly being able to see the ocean and unbelievable views made me realize just how much I truly missed this piece of paradise. I am very lucky to be living here right on the water and waking-up every morning to this beauty.

Yesterday, there were Abalone divers right outside my door. I saw a whale cruise by in the afternoon. Haven't seen the sea-otters yet, but I'm sure they're out there swimming around raising havoc with the Abalone but generally having a fun time.

I have a few notes from guests that you might like to hear:

"Everything was fresh and airy. Loved the view, the sound of the surf, and the rubber ducky (it's a keeper)!" To explain: There is a yellow patriotic rubber duck in every bathroom who wants to go home with our guests.

"...the sound of the ocean is the perfect sleeping aid at night. Awesome!" It's true. It was hard for me to sleep for the whole week that I was gone; I am so used to the lulling effect of the waves against the shore.

You are invited to spend some time here in Paradise. Just call us. Toll-free 888 998-4337


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