Sunday, October 21, 2007

Been too busy

Wow!!! We have been so busy here that time has slipped by too fast. I've missed signing in here and talking about the marvelous things going on in the Cove - specifically - The Tides Inn.

We have a family of guests here now that have been down to the tide pools and reported (excitedly) that they saw 32 starfish. They were so busy counting starfish that I hope they didn't miss all the other sea dwellers in those pools. They are going to send me some pictures of their finds, so stay tuned... I'll post them as soon as I get them.

Everyone has had a great time this summer. The weather has been absolutely beautiful. Very few days of anything but sunshine, blue-blue water, and crisp horizons. The sun rises and sunsets are indescribable. You really have to be here.

We had a storm that blew everything around, soaked everything that even thought it was dry, and then disappeared. The ocean seems to be so angry during a storm. Beauty at a new level. If you don't mind inclement weather, you can be here sitting by a fire in your room and watching the most marvelous scene take place outside. The waves roll in here because we have a beach. The waves crash with a tremendous force down the road less than a quarter of a mile, hitting the rocks so hard that sometimes the force takes a deck from a house with it... As annoying as that sounds, the residents don't mind - they just rebuild. They know what an honor it is to live so close to this powerful and beautiful force - the ocean.

The owner was here this weekend with his son; made some repairs, power-washed the building, and cooked two great dinners! I didn't give him much time to relax or spend with his son. They brought a remote control airplane and were able to spend a few minutes flying that. They were going to play golf over there at the golf links, but I'm afraid I ruined that for them - just too much to do when he gets here. But I think his son (Robert) had a good time anyway. One of our guests let him sit in the cockpit of his plane - he couldn't have been happier. Our guests are going to send pictures of that. Robert really wants his Mom to see that!! Robert and Dad left this afternoon. Hope they had a nice trip home. I have a really nice boss... and boss's son...

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