Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Embarrassed

My promise to myself was that I would spend a few minutes every day here on this blog to let everyone know what great thing happened during the day - but, alas, I have been very remiss. I'm going to try to be better. There is so much to write about.

It's been kind of overcast the last day or so. Makes you want to bundle-up in a soft, comfy blanket and watch the fire. I leave my blinds open, my fire going, and sit back in my recliner and wonder what I did so right to end up here. Even on days like this, it is just too beautiful.

I'm hoping for sun and no clouds this weekend, though. The boss now has a plane, so getting him up here depends on clear skies. He wouldn't even think about driving here now. Think he's spoiled. His son loves to fly up here, too. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I get so much done when he's here.

We're beginning to paint the inside of all of the rooms. They look so fresh and new. We've added "down" comforters, lots of extra pillows and an in-room Continental breakfast. Lots of goodies in a nice-sized basket: pastry, juices, pop-tart, health bar, hot chocolate, water, water-flavor packet, coffee, teas, cookies, flavored creamers - and whatever else I find when I go shopping. Everyone comments on how much fun it is to go through these baskets. So - one more reason to check us out or come back if you're an "old" friend of ours.

I have a dear friend here in the Cove who has the most beautiful voice. She just opens her mouth and this "gift" flows out. She has just finished a CD and has shared it with me before it "gets out there." She is a very spiritual gal and has written all of her own songs celebrating her "gift." I'm listening now and enjoying her music and the sound of the waves -- sitting, of course, in my recliner with a great blanket and fire. Aren't you jealous???

You should be here!!!

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