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Fishing the Northern CA Coast

Shelter Cove has long been a stopover for the discriminating private boater and the commercial salmon fisherman. The salmon fishing in Shelter Cove is amazing! There are many boat charters available to take you out for a fun-filled day of salmon fishing. Even if you don’t catch any salmon (which is very unlikely at Shelter Cove) you can still enjoy your day on the boat. If you like seafood, don’t just limit yourself to salmon fishing in Shelter Cove, however. At the end of the day you can see many fisherman Abalone diving along the shores of Shelter Cove.

You don’t have to be a fisherman to enjoy Shelter Cove though. One of the best parts of Shelter Cove is that it is relatively unknown. The portion of the Northern California coast that Shelter Cove is located on is virtually undisturbed. You can sit back and relax on the black sand beaches and enjoy the sun without being disturbed.

  • One of the Most Under-used Fishing Spots in California is Shelter Cove! 
  • With Some of the Best Variety of Fishing: Albacore, Halibut, Salmon, Rockcod, Lingcod, Crab and more!!! 
  • With a View and Beaches like no other.
  • With the smell of fresh air mixed with the Pine trees and Ocean breeze the view is from Spectacular to Romantic and not least of all Soothing for the Soul and Relaxing. 

The salmon like to hang just off Shelter Cove where the water depth drops from 100 ft. to 200 ft. or more, around 1 to 2 miles off the Red Whistle Buoy.

By yourself or with your loved one, take the time to take in the view. 

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