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Half-day trip to Arcanum Ranch Pottery

I finally got a chance to take a day off from here to visit the Arcanum Ranch and Pottery.  It’s out past the little (emphasis on little) town of Whitethorn.  When you think you’ve gone too far – there it is!  Large, tall sign pointing you up the hill.  I suppose four-wheel drive would have been nice, but I made it just fine in my little car.  Once up there, you’ll see a very interesting (what turned out to be) home with steps leading to the front door.  On the left is the huge propane-powered kiln that they are currently using.  To the right is their studio and showroom.  They will take you on a tour of this and explain their procedures and show you their original kiln that used one and half cords of wood each for fire. Beautiful vases, pots, spheres, plates, mugs, are just some of the items in their showroom.  I knew I wanted something, but it was VERY hard to pick exactly what since I couldn’t afford the whole showroom.  I picked five spheres and a little vase to go with them.  One of the spheres is in my office.  Take a look.  Greg and John create all their own glazes and have some of the most unusual end results.  This is a “shouldn’t miss” half-day trip from The Tides Inn.

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